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In accordance with the decision of the Senate of the University taken on March 19, 2009 an independent Department of Applied Physics in the structure of Faculty for Fundamentals of Technology was established. Members of the previous "Department of Applied Physics" and "Advanced Materials Engineering Research Group", formerly forming parts of the Institute of Physics, are the members of the staff of the newly established Department. Since February 2013 the Department operates in the structure of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Department of Applied Physics consists of two research groups, namely: (1) Condensed Matter Physics Group and (2) Advanced Materials Engineering Research Group, headed by Prof. Keshra Sangwal and Prof. Grzegorz Gladyszewski, respectively. Prof. Keshra Sangwal was appointed the first head of the Department on May 1, 2009. Since April 1, 2013 the Department is conducted by Prof. Grzegorz Gladyszewski.

The main goals of the Department of Applied Physics are: to intensify research work applying physics tools in different research areas and to integrate students in the research activities of the Department.

Members of Department of Applied Physics

Members of Department of Applied Physics